Thursday, August 30, 2012

Donate $100 NOW to save $1,000/year in tolls

Fighting higher tolls costs money! We are fighting for you.

Our first goal is to STOP THE TOLL INCREASES because it is wrong to impose this cost on Dulles Toll Road users, making this a road for just the wealthy.

When you donate $100 NOW this could save $1,000+ a year in tolls for many years.

Donate $10 or more, and we'll get you a NoTollIncrease bumper sticker!

Your financial support will help us reach a broader audience and to grow into a powerful voice that Northern Virginia legislators will not ignore.

No Toll is exploring legal challenges which object to defects in the Environmental Impact Studies which deliberately ignore many of the areas most affected by the toll avoidance.

Together We Can Stop Toll Increases

NO TOLL is pulling supporters together to demand that Virginia retake control of the Dulles Toll Road and find solutions that avoid forcing traffic off the Dulles Toll Road (DTR) onto local roads. Northern Virginia is being strangled by traffic congestion that must be fixed. Virginia gave away our road to be the cash cow for other projects. The Airports Authority, who manages the DTR, is wasting so much money that tolls are scheduled to double soon, starting January 1, 2013 and then go even higher.

This will force up to 50,000 more cars per day onto already-congested local roads, causing pollution, accidents and making traffic worse in our communities. Who can afford another $1,125 in tolls per year? Do you want to spend more time idling in traffic, wasting $4.00/gal. gas? Donate two weeks' tolls to prevent Tollmageddon!

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