Saturday, September 8, 2012

You Can Stop the Toll Increases

Something has gone wrong with your Dulles Toll Road…and it must be fixed!

If you think something has gone wrong with your Dulles Toll Road, you’re right. The good news is, there is a much better way if some tough choices are made.

First, MWAA, the folks you hear about in the news wasting public dollars on travel and extravagant meals are the ones who are in control of the Toll Road. That is at the root of the problem and needs to change. MWAA answers to no one and judging by their actions, they could not care less about how their decisions affect you and me. MWAA is the middle man we cannot afford.
This is all you need to know about MWAA. 
  1. They were put in charge of the Dulles Toll Road to buffer some elected officials from voters who will be outraged by skyrocketing tolls and the traffic nightmare that comes with them. 
  2. Based on expert opinions, MWAA is such a mismanaged operation, dysfunctional, unaccountable, corrupt, you name it, that about one half of the $6 billion price tag of the Silverline rail project is wasted by them. 
Getting your road back 

Trolls don’t control bridges why should MWAA control our road? Important roads were never meant to be controlled by a rouge bunch of out-of-towners especially when their selfish decisions threaten the regional economy and your health and safety. The key to restoring order is simple. Are you listening? Ready? Tell your state elected official it is time for action not rhetoric. These officials can pressure the Governor who needs to instruct VDOT to revoke MWAA’s Dulles Toll Road operating permit. That will open the door for Virginia to put an end to this toll-madness.

Will Virginia do better? You betcha!
A huge portion of the proposed toll increases are paying for the Silverline. MWAA finances that by floating bonds at double the rate Virginia would pay. MWAA also has demonstrated it can waste money on more than wining and dining. Experts who have studied MWAA’s construction costs say they are double what they should be when compared to other similar projects. Remember, that is your money, and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Why? They have a pretty good idea tolls will not be able to pay for this. When that happens, they will dump it right back onto Virginia to put the pieces back together. The cost to commuters for MWAA’s 100% markup? $Billions! The value added? Nothing, zilch, nada! It is a complete waste of your money and it borders on criminal for elected officials to sit on their hands watching this happen.


The list is too long to elaborate but click here if you are curious about some of the biggest defects in this MWAA scheme. These must be corrected.
You must join the team

The push to retake the DTR is underway. Public opinion must be heard to drown out a certain effort to control this crony scheme. The first step is for you to sound off to your elected officials urging them to support VDOT retaking control of the Dulles Toll Road (DTR). The push to retake the DTR is underway, but public opinion must be heard to keep this alive. Virginia State Sen. Richard Black authored a letter asking Gov. McDonnell to retake the DTR. Don’t let your elected officials turn a blind eye to this. They need to support this initiative. See sample letters to elected officials here. Forward them to local editors also.

Action plan to restore order… 6 easy steps!
Have you ever watched a western and wondered why all the townspeople did nothing when a few bad guys put an entire town into chaos? There is strength in numbers. Sign the petition today. This helps demonstrate a unanimous no vote on higher tolls. Pressuring our state elected officials on these issues is the key to success.

Hundreds of people are signing the petition. Keep this going by sharing it with your contacts. You can help us spread the word in several ways:
  1. Put a No Toll Increase sticker on your car so hundreds of people will see it each day 
  2. Donate so we can advertise our petition 
  3. Host the Toll Pig at your home or business. Do you have a high-traffic parking place for our rolling billboard? Please let us know! 
  4. Email and call your elected officials asking them to take our road back from MWAA 
  5. Print a copy of the petition and help collect signatures 
  6. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper

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